Parent Engagement is Important to Student Success

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At the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) it is our goal to offer resources that will help families as they guide their children in learning skills that are essential for success at school and throughout life.
CODE has produced a series of resources with input from parents across Ontario. We invite you to scroll down the page and read a short description of these resources then follow a link to learn more and access the resources for any or all of the topics that have been covered to date.

Planning Parent Engagement
A Guidebook for Parents and Schools


When we look closely at patterns of success for our students, there is ample evidence that achievement and positive school adjustment come from the support and guidance of parents and those who guide the learning and attitudes of our young people.

As school system leaders, the members of the Council of Ontario Directors of Education are very aware of the power and benefits of parent engagement. Thus, we are pleased to provide this Planning Parent Engagement Guidebook to accompany the Parent Tool Kit.

In this Guidebook you will find examples of useful exercises and proven techniques for involvement and support.

The success of our students is the core goal. The support of parents and the community is a very significant asset needed to achieve that success.

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Your Questions and Comments

CODE invites parents to send your questions and comments to us.

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Thank you for your commitment to parent engagement in your school community!

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