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Director of Education - Peel District School Board

The Peel District School Board, Canada’s second largest public school board, is seeking an outstanding individual to become its next Director of Education in July 2017, or as soon thereafter as possible. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a positive, supportive and student-focused Board of Trustees.

The Peel Board continues to be a North American growth board. It is proud of its progressive, diverse and innovative educational system with a student enrolment of over 154,000 and total staff of over 16,000. The Board operates elementary and secondary schools in the communities of Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga with an operating budget of $1.77 billion. For more information about the Peel District School Board, please visit

The Director of Education is responsible for providing exceptional leadership. The Director will support the Peel Board’s ongoing commitment to high expectations for students and staff. Guided by the Peel Board Plan for Student Success, the Director will ensure high levels of student achievement and well-being. The Board’s decisions are driven by its mission, vision and values to provide an exceptional learning and working environment for all stakeholders.

Equity and inclusion are vital to the Peel District School Board, which has recently approved several key projects that will achieve inclusion for all through continuous progress on equity. The Board’s Equity and Inclusive Education Policy #54 reflects the Board’s commitment to provide and maintain safe and healthy environments conducive to learning and working for all. The policy affects all areas of the Board’s programs, guidelines and practices, ranging from curriculum and assessment to religious accommodation, creating a welcoming school climate and preventing discrimination and harassment.

The Board is seeking a highly effective communicator with well-developed interpersonal skills who is committed to modeling and promoting open, honest, productive communication among students, staff, parents, faith leaders, diverse communities, community members, trustees, governments, and the media. The Board requires the Director to be a visionary, adaptable educator experienced in the facilitation of setting, developing and achieving clear and measurable goals, while dealing with complex educational and organizational issues.

Candidates must possess Ontario Supervisory Officer’s qualifications, and must provide evidence of success in a senior administrative/leadership role in a school board.

The selection committee will begin the review of applications by the end of March. Please submit applications electronically, including a letter of introduction, detailed resume and three professional references (who will not be contacted without the consent of the individual) to the Board’s search consultant, Dr. Laverne Smith:

Laverne Smith & Associates Inc.

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Director of Education - District School Board Ontario North East

An opportunity for an innovative, ‘tech savvy’ educational leader to drive organizational change in a school board committed to enabling greatness in every one of its students.

Serving students throughout North Eastern Ontario, District School Board Ontario North East provides opportunities for education excellence, including French immersion programming, a focus on First Nations, an active arts community, differentiated programming for students with special needs, and provincial leadership in the use of technology for instruction. Working together with students, staff, parents and the greater community to develop and implement innovative and collaborative practices, the Board strives to ensure each and every student reaches their full potential.

As the new Director of Education for District School Board Ontario North East, you will report to the Board of Directors as you lead the organization through a period of transition and changing educational landscapes. With a focus on growth and advancement, you will play a critical role in understanding the unique needs of the Board, assessing past priorities, and fostering meaningful engagement with the senior team, Board staff, parents and community partners as you gain their trust and support in the vision forward.

Your planning expertise and your strategy for execution of well defined plans will develop the shared leadership capacity of team members and help align resources across school and community needs. Of course being mindful of the geographically expansive nature of the district and differentiation among schools is essential to your success. More specifically, you will be called upon to make advancements that meet the needs of differentiated learners, maintain a robust French Immersion program, reduce special education assessment waitlists, continue to build on the relationship with the First Nations communities and build resources where Board employees can access training and tools to improve teaching and learning throughout the District.

An astute leader who can set priorities using a consultative approach, demonstrate accountability and transparency and bring a high level of emotional intelligence, you have extensive experience in the field of Education, including strong evidence of successful Board-wide instructional changes and improved student achievement. In addition to the exceptional time management and organizational skills required to manage the large geographic area, you can clearly communicate ideas to various audiences, are up-to-date on the latest in technological advancements in the field of education, and have the vision and drive to find and implement innovative solutions for Board-wide improvement. Due to the nature of the position, you must be able to work a flexible schedule, be prepared to travel across the District, and truly enjoy everything life in the North has to offer.

To apply to this executive role, submit your resume, in confidence, specifying the job title, by March 20, 2017, to Phelpsgroup, quoting PH167405, at

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Chief Executive Officer - Education Quality and Accountability Office

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) is an indepen¬dent agency of the Government of Ontario, dedicated to supporting and improving the academic achievement of students through large-scale assessment and research. The agency is committed to enhancing the quality and accountability of the education system in Ontario. EQAO works with the education community by undertaking student assessments that produce objective, reliable information, through the public release of this information and through the profiling the value and use of EQAO data across the province.

In its 2016-2019 Strategic Plan, which is anchored in the mandate of the Agency and the Ministry of Education’s renewed vision, EQAO has identified four main areas of focus: assessment and evaluation, research, communication and engagement and business and governance.

As EQAO’s next Chief Executive Officer, you will report to the Chair and Board of Directors of the Agency, working with them to advance the mission of the organization, building upon EQAO’s rich foundation and reputation as a leader of large scale assessment, nationally and internationally. You are a well respected public sector leader with a deep understanding of elementary/secondary education in all four pubicly funded school systems in Ontario. Your broad knowledge of the assessment field will position you to provide overall leadership to a complex organization acknowledged world wide for its assessment expertise and analytic prowess.

EQAO is now engaging in the modernization of its assessments by implementing online design and delivery. You will be expected to provide overall leadership to this significant transformation and help the organization use the opportunity to take full advantage of ‘the digital dividend’ to enhance teaching and learning through technology. Using your superb communications skills, you will advocate for the mission of EQAO with the general public, parents, students, teachers, school boards, and stakeholders. Your vision and influence will enable EQAO to continue to contribute to the strengthening of Ontario’s education system in keeping with the government’s strategic direction for education: achieving excellence, ensuring equity, supporting well being and enhancing confidence in publicly funded education.

You will be responsible for building and leading an experienced, cohesive team of professionals, each expert in their own area, resulting in the Agency employing exemplary practice in large scale assessment. You will have senior level experience leading a large, complex organization. With this background you will enable an organizational structure for the agency that will position EQAO to carry out its crucial role efficiently and effectively. Insightful, inclusive and dedicated, you will work with all stakeholders and the government to achieve continuous improvement in Ontario’s education system. You will combine theoretical knowledge and your practical expertise to provide transparent and accountable service to the students and communities of Ontario through ongoing excellent in reporting which informs leading edge practice in Ontario’s classrooms. As a powerfully persuasive champion of evidence based decision making, you will increase the value of EQAO’s impact among education stakeholders and contribute to continuous improvement and high achievement for all students.

Fluency in French would be an asset for this role.

If you would like a leadership role that makes a real difference for all students in Ontario, this is your opportunity.

To apply to this executive role, submit your resume, in confidence, specifying the job title, by March 17, 2017, to Phelpsgroup, quoting PH178449, at

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Chief Chef de la direction - Office de la qualité et de la responsabilité en éducation

L'Office de la qualité et de la responsabilité en éducation (OQRE) est un organisme indépendant du gouvernement de l'Ontario qui s'emploie à soutenir et à améliorer la réussite académique des élèves grâce à la recherche et à des tests à grande échelle. L'organisme se voue au rehaussement de la qualité et du niveau de responsabilité du système d'éducation en Ontario. L'OQRE travaille avec les membres de la communauté enseignante pour administrer des tests aux élèves afin de fournir des données objectives et fidèles. L'organisme diffuse ces résultats et fait la promotion de l’utilité et de l’utilisation des données de l’OQRE dans toute la province

Dans son plan stratégique 2016-2019, lequel s'inscrit dans le mandat de l'organisme et de la nouvelle vision du Ministre de l'Éducation, l'OQRE a identifié quatre axes principaux : les tests et les évaluations, la recherche, la communication et l'engagement, et les activités et la gouvernance.

En tant que prochain chef de la direction de l'OQRE, vous relèverez du président et des membres du conseil d'administration de l'organisme, et vous travaillerez avec eux à faire avancer la mission de l'organisation en misant sur la solide réputation de l'OQRE comme chef de file des évaluations à grande échelle nationales et internationales. Respecté en tant que meneur dans le secteur public, vous avez acquis une solide compréhension de l'éducation au primaire et au secondaire dans les quatre systèmes scolaires publics subventionnés en Ontario. Votre vaste connaissance du domaine des évaluations vous positionne adéquatement pour fournir un leadership global à une organisation complexe reconnue mondialement pour son expertise en évaluation et ses capacités analytiques.

L'OQRE s'affaire présentement à moderniser ses évaluations grâce à la conception et à la livraison en ligne. Vous serez appelé à fournir un leadership général dans cette importante transformation et à aider l'organisme à tirer parti du « dividende numérique » afin d'améliorer l'enseignement et l'apprentissage par la technologie. Mettant à profit vos superbes habiletés communicationnelles, vous vous porterez à la défense de la mission de l'OQRE auprès du public en général, des parents, des élèves, des enseignements, des conseils scolaires et autres parties prenantes. Votre vision et votre capacité d'influence permettront à l'OQRE de continuer à contribuer au renforcement du système éducatif en Ontario appuyant ainsi la direction stratégique du gouvernement envers l'éducation qui consiste à : atteindre l'excellence, assurer l'équité, promouvoir le bien-être et rehausser la confiance du public en un système d'éducation financé par les deniers publics.

Vous aurez la responsabilité de bâtir et de mener une équipe unie de professionnels expérimentés, chacun détenant une expertise dans son domaine, ce qui fera en sorte que l'organisme utilisera des pratiques exemplaires dans ses tests à grande échelle. Vous devez posséder une expérience de calibre senior à la tête d'un grand organisme complexe. Cette expérience vous permettra de mettre en place la structure organisationnelle requise pour que l'OQRE puisse remplir son rôle crucial avec efficacité et efficience. Visionnaire, inclusif et assidu, vous travaillerez avec toutes les parties prenantes et avec le gouvernement afin que le système d'éducation en Ontario s'améliore constamment. Vous combinerez adroitement vos connaissances théoriques et vos expériences pratiques pour procurer un service transparent et responsable aux élèves et aux communautés de la province par le biais de rapports réguliers afin de les renseigner sur les pratiques de pointe dans les salles de classe en Ontario. Puissant et convaincant défenseur de la prise de décisions fondées sur les données probantes, vous ajouterez à la valeur de l'impact de l'OQRE auprès des parties prenantes en éducation et contribuerez à l'amélioration constante et à la réussite de tous les élèves.

La maitrise du français serait un atout pour ce rôle.

Si vous souhaitez remplir un rôle de leadership en faisant une réelle différence pour tous les élèves en Ontario, saisissez cette perspective de carrière.

Pour postuler ce poste de cadre, veuillez transmettre votre curriculum vitæ, avant le 17 mars 2017, au Groupe Phelps, en mentionnant le titre du poste et le numéro de concours PH178449 à

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Chief Executive Officer, Superintendent of Schools - Saanich School District, BC

Located on southern Vancouver Island, the Saanich School District supports a diverse community that blends both the rural and urban, including four local communities of the W̱SÁNEĆ people. The Saanich School District has 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 3 secondary schools, and is proudly represented by nearly 8,000 students. In addition, the District also maintains a children's development centre, two individual learning centres, and an international student program. The District places an emphasis on social responsibility, ensuring students develop and demonstrate respect for themselves, their environment and each other.

As the leader of the Saanich School District, you are responsible to the Board of Education for carrying out the school district’s goals, administering policies, and providing leadership in instructional practice, educational administration and student learning. Your track record as a respected educator and leader will further advance the District’s ability to find innovative and collaborative ways to improve and enhance the programs and initiatives of the District, while staying focused on a cohesive vision as articulated by the learning community.

The District is proud of the achievements of its students, its unique and diverse programs, quality instruction and a strong professional learning community. With this in mind, the ideal candidate will bring a rich professional background including educational and administrative senior leadership within a diverse school district. The selected candidate will be a consummate problem solver and collaborator ready to lead the District through the challenges ahead while ensuring Saanich continues to be a leader in student achievement.

As the ideal candidate, you are an authentic leader who has a track record of creating safe and inclusive spaces that enable learning throughout an organization, from students to staff to stakeholders. The Saanich School District enjoys excellent relationships with its stakeholders and is committed to consultation and collaboration with its partners. The new Superintendent will be one who values those relationships and ensures that these parties’ voices are heard and addressed. A strong working relationship with the Board of Trustees is vital to the success of the new Superintendent in order to navigate forward given the changing educational landscape and fiscal realities of the public education sector.

If you are ready to take on this challenge, visit our website and submit your application to Allison Rzen and Shelina Esmail at Candidates must be qualified, or eligible to be qualified, to work in British Columbia and have extensive experience in public education.

PFM Executive Search / Panorama Search Partners
Suite 2020, 1055 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9
Tel 604.689.9970

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